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Perfect Playrooms include…

Hi there! I wanted to share the inspiration behind Andrew Car (and a special discount mentioned at the end of this post). This begins with a single product and an endearing nickname. My son loves any kind of car, tractor, truck, machine and etc… So much so that he feels the need to be the car. My -then- 2 year old son would loudly vroom around his playgroup or any room he was in and his nickname became Andrew Car.

At home we were putting together a designated playroom. It included an area rug with masking tape roads, which only lasted until he figured out how to pull the tape up. Meanwhile, I had a vision of the perfect playroom for Andrew Car. Playroom Goals. A playroom that he could fully use his imagination – A playroom he could actually drive his cars – A playroom that he could BE the car! I wanted a full-size, quality rug with roads on it. Let me tell you that my search was endless. The internet wasn’t providing anything big enough so I started calling carpet stores. Every carpet store was stumped or dumbfounded by what I wanted. I wanted the BEST road rug ever made. Finally, it was an old-timer that was able to direct me to a specialized wholesaler with exactly what I wanted, but only sold to distributors.

Once I found this ‘Tiny Towns’ play rug, I knew I had to do something to share with others! This was playroom goals; and gave me inspiration to actually launch a business in order to purchase and sell this item! Andrew Car naturally became the name of this business because I could see how much more my son enjoyed playing in his playroom ever since we made the change. This ‘Tiny Towns’ rug was not something I could find in any box store around me and it has been the perfect addition to our playroom ever since.

While not everyone has a large space for a designated playroom, I do have smaller options in the shop. However I am currently offering a $150 discount on the larger rug (link below). I picture these rugs in all preschools, playgroups, classrooms, waiting rooms and anywhere kids play! Please share your thoughts and visions for your perfect playroom vision.