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5 Reasons it’s Time to Redesign the Playroom

Take advantage of the extra time and space as the kids head back to school! It’s time to clean and redesign the playroom for a new and improved environment to engage your child in learning. Read on for 5 reasons we think you should redesign your kids’ playroom.

Give the kids their own work space to motivate good behaviors, inspire creativity and imagination!

If you’re family is anything like mine, then we all know the play-space doesn’t stay clean for very long anyways.

1. Organization

When I do rearrange and move things around the room it not only provides a more organized space, but also sparks a curiosity with things that were once unseen or put aside.

2. Learning Space

Take advantage of the space to have a designated learning and schooling space. Whether you homeschool or have kids back in school, they can benefit from having a desk to complete homework or practice any newly learned skills. When we give kids their own space it can motivate good behaviors, inspire creativity and imagination!

3. Clear out old and outdated or broken and unused toys

If not just for cleanliness, we can recycle or remove anything that the kids have outgrown. It may be time to store some things away for a little sibling or possibly sell for extra cash! Updating things can also give the space a ‘big-kid’ feel. It really is about the little things that make kids feel seen and give them extra confidence.

4. Prepare for the Holiday Gifting Season

We’ve all been there- it’s called the holiday aftermath. Just when you think you have a home for all the playroom items, you now have more and more toys and gifts to stuff away, which often times get pushed to the side and unseen or unused in the end.

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