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Create a Space for Imagination with Our Playroom Starter Pack

Are you tired of having toys scattered all over your house? Do you wish you had a designated space for your child to play and let their imagination run wild? Look no further than our Playroom Starter Pack!

I had no designated playroom space for my child so it was always during my most important calls and meetings that my child would be getting into something he shouldn’t.

— -work from home mom

Our starter pack includes the popular Tiny Town Rug, complete with roads, train tracks, and parking lots for hours of imaginative play. But that’s not all – we’ve also included a set of toy trucks and construction vehicles to enhance the play experience even further.

But why should you invest in a playroom space for your child? Here are just a few of the many benefits:

  1. Organization: A playroom allows you to keep all of your child’s toys in one place, making it easy to find and put away toys when playtime is over.
  2. Creativity and Imagination: A designated playroom space can help spark your child’s creativity and imagination, as they have the freedom to create their own worlds and stories.
  3. Independence: A playroom allows your child to play independently and explore their interests, giving them a sense of autonomy and control over their play experience.
  4. Safety: A playroom can also provide a safe space for your child to play, away from potential hazards in other areas of the house.

And with our Tiny Towns Rug, creating a fun and functional playroom space has never been easier. The Playroom Starter Pack complete with toy trucks and construction vehicles will inspire your child to engage in creative play, while the organization and safety benefits of a playroom will give you peace of mind.

Don’t let the chaos of scattered toys and cluttered living spaces take over your home. Invest in our Playroom Starter Pack, lay out the rug and give your child the gift of a dedicated play space.


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A Staple to Childhood

Toy trucks have been a staple in children’s playtime for generations, providing endless hours of imagination and excitement. I have memories of playing with toy cars and trucks with my cousins; while my husband is still pretend-playing with toy cars and trucks! My son gains SO much from time playing. From digging in sandpits, racing down the hallway or meticulously parking each vehicle in their garage or spot, toy trucks have the ability to transport children to a world of their own creation. Not only do they encourage imaginative play, but they also help to develop important skills such as hand-eye coordination, problem-solving and even verbal communication skills.

This fun playtime activity is something even adults can enjoy. In recent years, toy truck technology has advanced, offering even more opportunities for play and learning. Remote control trucks and construction vehicles with realistic sounds and movements bring a new level of excitement to the world of toy trucks. Interactive truck sets with moving parts and working cranes allow children to experience the thrill of construction and demolition. Whether playing solo or with friends, toy trucks provide endless opportunities for fun and creativity, making them a timeless and beloved toy.

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The Five Gift Rule to Follow this Holiday

This is changing the way I shop

– moms everywhere

So have you heard of the 5-gift rule? I came across this on a friend’s social media post, and I can’t believe I didn’t think about it before because it is changing the way I shop this holiday. This is perfect for holidays but also for any celebration that designates a gift. This is also perfect for introducing and encouraging behaviors, ie. potty training, sharing, helping and etc.

In fact, Andrew Car was started during our very own potty training adventure. Each poop in the potty granted a new prize. It was always trucks and machines, so we always said, “Two poops, two trucks.”, and guess what… IT WORKED! When I sold a toy, I told him that some other little kid pooped in the potty… and he still thinks that.

Now for the real reason you came here, Check out these rules and Shop Andrew Car if you you answer similarly.

5 Gift Rule,

Something they:

  • 1) WANT: Cars, Trucks, Roads
  • 2) NEED: Pretend Play, Rug, Play Space
  • 3) WEAR: Playset and action figure Helmets and tools
  • 4) READ: Name Brand trucks and machinery. Volvo, Kubota, Polaris and Peterbilt
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Andrew Car on the Farm

We recently went to a local Alpaca Farm. If you are ever in Northeast Ohio, please check out Majestic Meadows Alpacas & Boutique. They put on an amazing children’s Trick or Treat event for Halloween, with kid friendly haunted houses and festive setups. All the staff and animals were very friendly and we actually learned a lot about each animal.

We saw Alpacas, Llamas, Piglets, Goats, Kangaroos, Wallabies & a Camel named Gus. Though, ‘Andrew Car’ also had his eyes on the farm equipment.

He found and pointed out every Truck, Tractor and Machine- go figure!

If you know a child with similar interests, please check out some of our favorite toys and playroom essentials below.

More found at

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5 Reasons it’s Time to Redesign the Playroom

Take advantage of the extra time and space as the kids head back to school! It’s time to clean and redesign the playroom for a new and improved environment to engage your child in learning. Read on for 5 reasons we think you should redesign your kids’ playroom.

Give the kids their own work space to motivate good behaviors, inspire creativity and imagination!

If you’re family is anything like mine, then we all know the play-space doesn’t stay clean for very long anyways.

1. Organization

When I do rearrange and move things around the room it not only provides a more organized space, but also sparks a curiosity with things that were once unseen or put aside.

2. Learning Space

Take advantage of the space to have a designated learning and schooling space. Whether you homeschool or have kids back in school, they can benefit from having a desk to complete homework or practice any newly learned skills. When we give kids their own space it can motivate good behaviors, inspire creativity and imagination!

3. Clear out old and outdated or broken and unused toys

If not just for cleanliness, we can recycle or remove anything that the kids have outgrown. It may be time to store some things away for a little sibling or possibly sell for extra cash! Updating things can also give the space a ‘big-kid’ feel. It really is about the little things that make kids feel seen and give them extra confidence.

4. Prepare for the Holiday Gifting Season

We’ve all been there- it’s called the holiday aftermath. Just when you think you have a home for all the playroom items, you now have more and more toys and gifts to stuff away, which often times get pushed to the side and unseen or unused in the end.

5. Discount at

Best for last is that we have your back at! Take advantage of our 15% discount. Just use code Playroom15 at checkout.

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Perfect Playrooms include…

Hi there! I wanted to share the inspiration behind Andrew Car (and a special discount mentioned at the end of this post). This begins with a single product and an endearing nickname. My son loves any kind of car, tractor, truck, machine and etc… So much so that he feels the need to be the car. My -then- 2 year old son would loudly vroom around his playgroup or any room he was in and his nickname became Andrew Car.

At home we were putting together a designated playroom. It included an area rug with masking tape roads, which only lasted until he figured out how to pull the tape up. Meanwhile, I had a vision of the perfect playroom for Andrew Car. Playroom Goals. A playroom that he could fully use his imagination – A playroom he could actually drive his cars – A playroom that he could BE the car! I wanted a full-size, quality rug with roads on it. Let me tell you that my search was endless. The internet wasn’t providing anything big enough so I started calling carpet stores. Every carpet store was stumped or dumbfounded by what I wanted. I wanted the BEST road rug ever made. Finally, it was an old-timer that was able to direct me to a specialized wholesaler with exactly what I wanted, but only sold to distributors.

Once I found this ‘Tiny Towns’ play rug, I knew I had to do something to share with others! This was playroom goals; and gave me inspiration to actually launch a business in order to purchase and sell this item! Andrew Car naturally became the name of this business because I could see how much more my son enjoyed playing in his playroom ever since we made the change. This ‘Tiny Towns’ rug was not something I could find in any box store around me and it has been the perfect addition to our playroom ever since.

While not everyone has a large space for a designated playroom, I do have smaller options in the shop. However I am currently offering a $150 discount on the larger rug (link below). I picture these rugs in all preschools, playgroups, classrooms, waiting rooms and anywhere kids play! Please share your thoughts and visions for your perfect playroom vision.

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Toys, Trucks and Playroom Essentials for less!

Calling all Moms, Dads and Caretakers! Take advantage of our special savings! Andrew Car is currently offering a 10% SAVINGS on all TOYS, TRUCKS & PLAYROOM ESSENTIALS.

At checkout, please use the code, ACWEB10 for 10% off

Andrew Car specializes in realistic toys, trucks and trailers for little kids. Everything from Chevrolet, Dodge, Peterbilt, Volvo, Kubota, Polaris and more…

Toys and rugs are kid tested and approved.

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Learn Through Play

Imitation is a phenomenal way of learning, and provides a unique way to practice learned skills. What grownups do and say around children leaves impressions on their developing brain. As toddlers develop, they learn how to engage when they imitate.

I learned this by watching my kiddo use the Kubota Lawn Tractor Set found in the Andrew Car Shop. He uses the figurine (aka Brian) and included blower accessory to clean out the grass from the mower deck – just like we do and just like Grandma and Grandpa do!

This is one way our products are kid tested and kid approved.

How you can ‘Learn Through Play’ Now!

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About Andrew Car!

Realistic toys because kids want to be just like Mom and Dad!

We are a small family business located in Northeast Ohio that has curated our favorite rugs and realistic toys unavailable in box stores. We have tested and watched how much our child enjoys each product before bringing it to you! Every product will spark and expand your child’s imagination exponentially.