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The Five Gift Rule to Follow this Holiday

This is changing the way I shop

– moms everywhere

So have you heard of the 5-gift rule? I came across this on a friend’s social media post, and I can’t believe I didn’t think about it before because it is changing the way I shop this holiday. This is perfect for holidays but also for any celebration that designates a gift. This is also perfect for introducing and encouraging behaviors, ie. potty training, sharing, helping and etc.

In fact, Andrew Car was started during our very own potty training adventure. Each poop in the potty granted a new prize. It was always trucks and machines, so we always said, “Two poops, two trucks.”, and guess what… IT WORKED! When I sold a toy, I told him that some other little kid pooped in the potty… and he still thinks that.

Now for the real reason you came here, Check out these rules and Shop Andrew Car if you you answer similarly.

5 Gift Rule,

Something they:

  • 1) WANT: Cars, Trucks, Roads
  • 2) NEED: Pretend Play, Rug, Play Space
  • 3) WEAR: Playset and action figure Helmets and tools
  • 4) READ: Name Brand trucks and machinery. Volvo, Kubota, Polaris and Peterbilt

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2 thoughts on “The Five Gift Rule to Follow this Holiday

  1. Thanks for the post!

    1. Of course! I just can’t believe the holidays are almost here this year, but this 5 gift rule seriously makes it much less overwhelming. Have a great day and thanks for the comment.

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